Ealing Council push ahead with town hall disposal

Ealing Council are pushing ahead with plans to grant a long-term lease of the Town Hall on Uxbridge Road despite efforts by local groups to halt the process.

Next week’s Cabinet meeting will discuss the issue. Proposals recently received from groups Ealing Voice and CEPAC have looked at the issue of the building being an Asset of Community Value. they would like to see a community arts-related facility.


Plans for rear of site

Despite that the council responds by stating:

“Agrees that neither of the proposals received warrant the running of a new
procurement process (for the reasons set out in paragraphs 6 below) and that
the Council as landowner continue to seek Charity Commission (CC) consent
for disposal to Mastcraft of the property held by the Trust.”


Plans to convert much of the building into a hotel with the eastern wing retained for civic functions were submitted last month. The Council have also stated they wish to see restaurants, bars and a new health and fitness centre, conference facilities, plus banqueting and hospitality facilities. 

Council leader Julian Bell said: “Ealing Town Hall is an important building and we want it to be retained as a local landmark, however it is very expensive to maintain and repair and is in considerable need of refurbishment. With the current state of public finances, the council is struggling to carry the burden of its upkeep.

“Mastcraft has a track record in restoring and converting historic buildings into high quality, boutique hotels such as the Courthouse hotel in Shoreditch. If their plans are approved, they will help us to create a lasting legacy for this much-loved local building, keeping its civic facilities and bringing new exciting uses to Ealing Town centre.”

Ealing Council also have plans to redevelop the adjacent council buildings.

Click here to see planning documents related to the development.

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