Ealing Council to approve 380 flats in 25-floor Perfume Factory tower in Acton next week?

Ealing Councillors will be attending a Planning Committee meeting next week to determine plans for a 25-storey tower in Acton at the Perfume Factory site. Ealing Council Planning Officers recommend approval.

The architects appear to have chosen some fetching shades of brown and grey. Beautiful. It promises to brighten up your day waiting in the rain at North Acton station platform for the morning commute.

The public space with restaurant and bar does look good though. The area is seeing a rapid increase in population as numerous towers rise yet amenities nearby are badly lacking.

It’s one of many tower plans by North Acton station which has been designated as an area suitable for tall buildings. This image shows the sheer scale planned:

A previous plan was approved in February 2016 but negotiations on payments from the developer to the Local Authority hit a stumbling block and the scheme halted.

Since then the site has been sold with the southern part sold to Imperial College with the northern element retained by Essential Living. They build flats to rent in the growing private rental sector.

Essential Living saw plans refused in February of this year as 20 studio flats were deemed too small for human habitation. Essential Living have appealed but also submitted this new application in case that fails.

In the words of planning documents, the developers have decided that:

“20 studio units to be changed into 10 x 2 bed dwellings to ensure that all dwellings meet the adopted floor
space standards”.

It is designed as a car-free development with just 16 parking spaces and 552 cycle spaces. The emphasis is very much on young singles and couples. Though given the excessive cost of build-to-rent so far in London, even compared to very expensive private rents, how many will be able to afford it is another matter.

One thought on “Ealing Council to approve 380 flats in 25-floor Perfume Factory tower in Acton next week?

  • May 22, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    I wonder what it’ll look like in 50 years?


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