Will these flats set a precedent of demolishing family homes in Ealing?

Plans are in to demolish a sizable five bedroom house at 18 St Stephens Road in Ealing and construct nine flats on site and along Wimborne Gardens.

The application has gained controversy as the demolition of an existing five bedroom house could set a precedent of large homes being demolished for smaller homes or flats in the area.

The development is named Wimbourne Gardens and developers are Maybria Group.

The developers claim the buildings irregular shape and form render conversion to flats impractical.

The site sits between two conservation zones – one beginning one street east and another one street to the west. That leaves the building at risk of demolition. 

Some locals are now worried other homes could be demolished in the area if a precedent is set through granting approval.

The planning application is 181865FUL. You can  search for plans here.


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