Restaurant review: Arg in West Ealing.

Arg on the Uxbridge Road in West Ealing has been open for around a year now. It set up shops amongst tough and popular competition, what with Persion Palace just down the Road and Molana just over the other side of the street. All focus on Persian cuisine.

We popped over on a quiet lunchtime to Arg to sample what it had to offer, having been to the Persian Palace a fair few times.

It’s nicely laid out inside with a Persian landscape along one wall of the restaurant.

One dish was Chello Koobideh, at £8, which is claimed to be the national dish of Iran and consists of a kebab and rice. Pretty standard fare around these parts.

The other main was Ghormeh Sabzi – and as it was lunch a slightly smaller-than-normal dish was £6 instead of £8.50. Ghormeh Sabzi is a green Persian stew. Some also claim that this is the national dish of Iran.

The heavily herbed stew with lamb

A side dish of rice:

A big pot of tea on the side was £2. How’s about this for a tea pot:

The friendly owners ensured service was good and it was an enjoyable meal. One recommendation I would”ve given is better promotion. I’ve noticed in recent days though that a poster for lunchtime specials has appeared in the window offering dishes from £3.99. 

Lovely ghost sign on the side of the building too:

Arg in Ealing with ghost sign

Rating: 8/10. Open 11-11:30. Location: 159 Uxbridge Rd, London W13 9AU

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