700-home development in Ealing moves towards completion

I took a snap of this near-700 home development whilst passing the site a few days ago. The large blocks adjacent to Christ the Saviour church now appear almost complete. St George’s are behind this scheme, and they’re part of the same company as Berkeley Homes. Needless to say, the flats are extremely expensive. 

A new square is to be created just in front of where the above photo was taken, and will be named Elizabeth Square. Part of this scheme to the west is already complete but the bulk of the development is yet to finish.

A large number of commercial units are included at street level – which will total 100,000 square feet of space. Whether rents for businesses are affordable is another matter.

Many new-builds have very expensive commercial rents which prevent independents from giving places a go. Fit-out costs can also be prohibitive. Hopefully the developers have considered this risk.

The recent increase in business rates is another cost retailers will have to bear  despite some action to mitigate the increases taken in Philip Hammond’s recent budget. 

The main shopping street of the development has the name Market Street (sponsored by Morrisons?) and the entire development is due to complete by 2018.

One element of this scheme I like is that the architects have recognised the importance of Christ the Saviour church, and Market Street offers a vista towards it:

If all goes to plan this should hopefully offer some interesting retail and restaurant options and pull the town centre further west. 

It’s a pretty “safe” design in terms of architecture. Nothing too outlandish to rock the boat. There’s many external balconies on the various blocks.

Other developments nearby

The wider area has plenty of other plans in the works which I’ll cover soon. They include redevelopment of Ealing Council’s Perceval House beside this site as well as retail redevelopment further east including the controversial Arcadia plan and 54 The Broadway. There’s the station rebuild at Ealing Broadway too, with work to remove the roof above the Underground platforms now underway. Oh, and the cinema site which finally appears to be moving forward.



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