Will these flats set a precedent of demolishing family homes in Ealing?

Plans are in to demolish a sizable five bedroom house at 18 St Stephens Road in Ealing and construct nine flats on site and along Wimborne Gardens.

The application has gained controversy as the demolition of an existing five bedroom house could set a precedent of large homes being demolished for smaller homes or flats in the area.

The development is named Wimbourne Gardens and developers are Maybria Group.

The developers claim the buildings irregular shape and form render conversion to flats impractical.

The site sits between two conservation zones – one beginning one street east and another one street to the west. That leaves the building at risk of demolition. 

Some locals are now worried other homes could be demolished in the area if a precedent is set through granting approval.

The planning application is 181865FUL. You can  search for plans here.


One thought on “Will these flats set a precedent of demolishing family homes in Ealing?

  • December 10, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    This planning application is very much still live.

    It will be debated in Ealing Town Hall at 7pm this Wednesday 12th December by Ealing Council Planning Committee.

    New drawings have been submitted, but it’s still the same 9 flats with 4 parking spaces, basement rooms, no outside space, weird-looking exterior in yellow bricks. Reasons not to build it include:
    1. St Stephens is a low-density neighbourhood. Replacing 1 house with 9 flats that have 22 bedrooms, potentially accommodating 40 people, changes the neighbourhood for the worse. St Stephens is a lovely area for all who live, study, work in or visit it, adjacent to a conservation area and populated by beautiful turn-of-the-century houses. Once it’s gone, it’s lost for ever.
    2. The proposed basement digging, right next to No.1 Wimborne Gdns, comes with a very high risk of subsidence for No.1 and adjacent properties. Wimborne Gdns houses have a history of severe subsidence which has led to some houses being underpinned. Buildings insurance premiums are very high as a result of past subsidence. Would they rise again if this goes ahead?
    3. Nos. 1, 3, & 5 Wimborne Gardens would lose privacy, light, and be overlooked by a massive ugly block.
    4. The developer (“The Maybria Group”) plans to replace 1 house that has 4 parking spaces, with 9 dwellings that would have 4 parking spaces. The 9 dwellings could come with 18 cars. St Stephens Rd immediately outside is hugely congested at school drop-off and pick-up times, as Notting Hill Junior School parents need to drop off their kids. If those parents are forced to stop in the middle of the road to drop junior school-age kids off because they can’t park, it will put the kids in danger. Instead, the developer should provide at least 1 off-road parking space for every dwelling.
    5. The plans are contrary to the deed of covenant dated 5th June 1899, which states that one house per lot is permitted.
    6. The existing property is a beautiful, very well-maintained Victorian house, which could be extended into a great apartment block of 4 luxury flats, with off-road parking for all flats. Why knock down this lovely house?
    7. The proposed building is very badly-designed, ugly, low-quality, high-density housing with basement bedrooms. It looks like it would be horrible to live in and to look at from the outside, with poor quality design that’s very different from neighbouring buildings. Given that sales of new-build flats are in freefall in Ealing, who would buy these low-quality flats? Why can’t the architect (Belsize Architects http://www.belsizearchitects.com/) design a building that borrows features from neighbouring buildings and provides good quality accommodation?
    8. The loss of mature trees at the far end of the garden of 18 St Stephens Rd is unnecessary.


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