Southall High Street flats approved on site opposite Lidl – 131 in total

Plans have been approved to build 131 flats at 49 and 57-59 High Street in Southall on a site opposite Lidl.

The developers are Mackenzie Homes and the building will be up to nine floors high.

The former site of the Victory and White Hart pub saw a scheme for 111 homes at 49 Southall High Street approved in 2017 and developers have subsequently acquired more land hence the increase in flats.

The pedestrian passage through to Shrubbery Road will be enlarged. Commercial space will be located at street level.

Passage through site

Just two car parking spaces will be provided for disabled people.

And “affordable” housing levels are:

  • London Living Rent – 7 units (17 habitable rooms)
  • Shared Ownership – 32 units (83 habitable rooms).
  • Private – 94 units (209 habitable rooms)

This seems on the very low side. Shared ownership is often paying large sums for around 30% of a property instead of 100% as equivalent amounts (when compared to wage levels) would have garnered 20 years ago. And then there’s rent on the other 70% that is often needed.

One has to wonder how far it’ll go as Government’s try to push house prices ever further up. Help to Buy for a 1% deposit on a 5% share of a home? 

Paving space facing the busy High Street appears pretty squeezed:

In coming years expect proposals for the Lidl site to come forward.

More widely and Southall is becoming something of a development hotspot as Crossrail appoaches. I recently covered development closer to the station.

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