A look at Ealing’s Dickens Yard development

The Dickens Yard development in Ealing continues to move towards completion. The central spine is now open to the public with some flats are occupied. 

No retail units are occupied at present and don’t look like being so anytime soon. The only unit with a store on the hoardings is Jigsaw, and it’s a long way off. Gail’s Bakery is another company that will open a unit.

The central spine offers a nice vista towards the church. And where it meets the church grounds is well designed:

The development also works well with refurbished buildings creating cute little courtyards which are already pretty well used:

The final stage is now being built:

All things considered this is a good addition to Ealing. The prices of flats are ludicrous however and far out of reach of those on average incomes (or even above average unless mum and dad help out).

Great for those people but those without parental help? Well, no matter how hard you work you are very unlikely to afford even a small flat. The country is ceasing to be a meritocracy. Something is very wrong with London prices.

The so-called “Help to Buy” scheme is only fanning the flames and pushing prices way above inflation. Where will we be in five years? Taxpayer help with just a 1% deposit, and on the hook for any future crash?

The whole development is expected to complete by 2019.

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