Crossrail update – station delays, new lifts and bus cuts

Ealing Council’s upcoming transport meeting provides an update on Crossrail progress in west London. There’s no massive revelations but a few updates.

Station upgrade work at Acton, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Hanwell and Southall has been delayed, which was known about a few months ago. It was covered here.

The council report states this is because tenders for station work had “issues with initial quotes received for construction”. It is being re-tendered but no news on whether cut backs to station designs will result. The council are not happy about the lack of firm timescales from Network Rail.

How West Ealing station should look

In other news, a disabled lift will be installed at Hanwell station by July 2019.

Public realm upgrades will commence at Acton Mainline, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Hanwell and Southall once the issues over station rebuilds are concluded. Hanwell is the only station so far that has able to see work start.

Crossrail take over Heathrow Connect services from Paddington to Heathrow in May 2018.

And finally, Ealing Counil have objected to plans to cut the 427 bus back at Southall so it no longer travels towards Ealing along the Uxbridge Road. They argue that cutting back the 8 buses an hour that currently head that was is a mistake due to population growth of 3,500 people a year, and Crossrail will not bring about enough people changing.

In comparison to east and south eats London, station work does seem way behind in the west. Lets hope as the eastern branches are completed (some stations are already nearing completion such as Abbey Wood) that all efforts swing behind west London and firm dates are announced soon.

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