Petition to halt demolition of West Ealing’s art deco former Woolworths building

The former Woolworths building in West Ealing, constructed in 1926, is under threat after purchase by Housing Association A2Dominion. A petition has been created to fight demolition which can be seen here. Poundworld currently occupy the retail space.

Plans for a tall housing block on the site follows similar plans next door at the former BHS site which was covered last week.

Former BHS on left and Woolworths on right

The site seems inapproporate for such tall buildings. It’s narrow here for such a  major street and will be overwhelmed by buildings of 10+ stories. Any tall element should be stepped back and keep the Woolworth facade.

Just look at how narrow the paving is in the shot above. Not good for a busy High Street with crossings and bus stops. Yet plans see both buildings at the current building line instead of moving back to provide more pedestrian space.

Here’s what is planned to replace the tiled Woolworths building:

It needs stepping back or will overwhelm this area.

Housing is much needed but careful design essential. This plan looks like destroying a beautiful facade and placing too many floors directly up against a narrow and congested street with no attempt to step-back to provide greater pedestrian circulation space and natural lighting. Must do better. Retaining the facade and building behind in a gradually rising building would be far preferable in this location.


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