Plans for 136 flats at former BHS site in Ealing

There are plans to build 136 homes on the former site of BHS in West Ealing at 104-110 Broadway.

Alongside the flats their is 15,000 sq ft of retail space and a central courtyard. A mural adorns the facade.

Plans were approved in June 2016. A year later and plans for the green wall planned on one side to be replaced by a metal facade have been approved. £46,500 is being provided to provide greenery elsewhere.

The green wall can be seen in this earlier render:

Front facade. M&S signage rather speculative I believe

It’s a sizeable building to say and least and there’s a compelling argument that it’s too tall in this location. There’s no doubt London needs to build up to help with the housing crises, but facing a narrow street? It’s overbearing in such a location. 

In addition, the paving along that stretch is narrow and gets very congested with pedestrians. Some sort of setback to provide more space for pedestrian movement would have been ideal. 

The planning reference is PP/2015/6186

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