Crossrail stations across Ealing delayed

It’s bad news across Ealing borough today as BBC London reporter Tom Edwards reveals that Crossrail related station upgrades across the borough have been delayed from 2017 to 2019.

The original upgrades dates were: Acton 31/1/18, Ealing Broadway 31/12/17West Ealing 28/7/17 and Southall 31/12/17

It’s been clear for some time that work had slowed substantially. West Ealing’s longer platforms have been left for weeks despite being 90% complete, and the worksite beside the new Greenford shuttle platform has been dead.

Little change since this taken months ago

Work has progressed at Ealing Broadway but still not as quickly as expected:

The good news is Crossrail trains will still commence in 2018, but only replacing Heathrow Connect from Paddington to Heathrow. Full services past Paddington begin in 2019, when stations are hopefully complete. The delay does hamper disabled and elderly travellers as lift installation is delayed.


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