Restuarant Review: Flaming Cow, Ealing

There’s no shortage of good places covering all basis in Ealing and last week a visit to the Flaming Cow was in order. It’s the only branch in London that opened a few months back after the owners looked to expand from their Eton site.


As the name suggests, burgers and steaks are mainly the name of the game. We arrived and settled down in the comfy interior. Timber dominates the decor. The beer choice was pretty standard – about half a dozen bottles of pilsners and hoppy American-type IPAs at a cost from £4-£6 for a 330ml bottle.


For starters the choices were pizza chips, fish tacos and chicken wings. The wings were pretty perfunctory – nothing amazing but they did the job. The tacos were freshly cooked and the fish had a nice crunch. The chips looked wonderfully inviting but were poor despite the tasty toppings. I hoped this was to be rectified for the mains.


For the main I went for the monthly burger special and chips. It cost £13.95. The burger was decent and had an egg, cheese, pastrami and was slathered in a spicy sauce. However the chips were a massive let down yet again. If you’re a burger joint getting fries right is pretty essential. They looked fine but a bite revealed soggy and old chips. Dry inside and lacking any crunch – they tasted as if they’d been originally cooked a long while before and reheated at least once. Everyone’s chips were the same so it wasn’t just the dregs of a previous batch given to one or two people.


Getting your potatoes right is pretty essential for any restaurant. It’s the same as roasties with a roast – you just have to get it right or it badly affects the meal. Such basic stuff.

Another visitor had a coconut milkshake to finish. I had a taste and it was very good – at it should be at a fiver a pop.

We were stuffed and had no proper dessert. Overall the burger was good but a bit steep in price and as a whole the food was pretty average and thus overpriced given the competition nearby. The burgers are fine but no burger joint should serve up such poor chips.

Flaming Cow, 29 Bond St, Ealing W5 5AS

Rating: 6/10

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